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Flow into 2022 with Style

WATERWISE APPAREL is a fast-fashion online retail destination serving customers worldwide. We strive to bring you top-quality attire incorporating environmental sustainability, from design to concept, and straight to your doorstep.

WATERWISE APPAREL aims to be the apex option incorporating CLASS, COMFORT, and COASTAL considerations into every item we sell. 

Providing apparel that can be used in all scenes increases item use and decreases the chances it will end up in the bottom of your wardrobe and hence lanfill. 

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More About Us

With environmental protection and a Circular Economy essential for our place on this planet, WaterWise Apparel is driving change.


WaterWise Apparel is owned and operated by environmental engineers aiming to reduce our harmful impacts on Mother Nature. Every time you make a purchase, all profits are put towards monitoring and maintaining healthy water quality in rivers, creeks, and The Great Barrier Reef across Queensland and Australia. 

WaterWise Apparel partnerships with WaterWise Automation, developing innovative technologies to help monitor and track water quality and environmental conditions with better accuracy and more regular quality control.

Contact Us

 Yaroomba, South East Queensland 4573


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